Funeral Guests Are Amazed When ‘Dead’ Woman Walks in as a Guest

Death is an inevitable part of life and something we all have to accept, but it’s something that we hope to avoid for as long as possible. When we’re gone, those we leave behind gather to pay their respects and celebrate our lives with one another at funerals. Can you imagine attending your own funeral? It’s a morbid thought, but it would certainly be interesting to see what people have to say about you after you’re gone.


Source: ABC News

Well, one woman named Noela Rukundo found herself in an extraordinary situation when she was able to attend a very special funeral: her own! Noela was born in the African nation of Burundi and went through a lot of difficult times in her homeland before eventually seeking a new life in Australia. There, everything seemed to get better for Noela, until the fateful day she had to go home for a very strange and unexpected reason: to gatecrash her very own funeral.

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