How David Tallichet Rescued a Forgotten Piece of History from the Papa Guinea Jungle

David Tallichet, also known as the father of the modern theme restaurant scene, had a lot more feathers in his cap than you might know. Yes, he built several successful businesses that redefined the fine dining experience, but his most appreciable achievement had nothing to do with his occupation. The man was an avid collector of classic military planes, some of which, he also made replicas. During his quest to find something uniquely special, he unraveled a missing piece of history that has an unprecedented level of significance.

Who Really was David Tallichet

Before he made a killing in the food business, he was a part of the military. He was stationed in Europe during the Second World War where he flew the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress multiple times as a co-pilot.



After completing his service, and introducing the world to modern themed restaurants, he discovered his innate passion for planes. This was when he started collecting and replicating military planes. His company also provided replica planes that were used in movies like Pearl Harbor.

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