Love Is Blind: A Look Behind the Latest Dating Show

Netflix’s Love Is Blind is the latest dating show to take the world by storm. The show’s premise is simple: couples who have never met before are forced to get to know each other without seeing each other. They then have to determine if love is truly blind.

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Love Is Blind has spawned much discussion on social media. It has sparked intrigue and curiosity from viewers because everyone wants to know how you can fall for someone without ever seeing them. While viewers are hooked on the drama and storylines, there’s a lot that people don’t see. Keep reading for more!

The Idea Behind the Show

Love Is Blind came from the same production company that created Married At First Sight and other reality relationship shows. Creators Chris Coelen, Sam Dean, and Ally Simpson drew on aspects they learned from other dating shows. Instead of having a show based on looks, they did something different.

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The creators thought, “What if you started with pure love that was focused on just who that person was? Could that love stand the test of time and survive the outside world?” It’s something they aimed to answer through what they call refer to as the experiment. However, the answer is still unclear.

The Pods Are Completely Soundproof

The pods are the small rooms where contestants get to know each other through a wall. They are designed to appear as if they could take place anywhere, including th settings where the franchise previously filmed. In fact, the pod portion is actually filmed in California, according to a Season 2 cast member.

Love is blind pods
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Initially, producers planned for the pods to be soundproof on a few sides, allowing sound to pass through the light-up wall. However, they discovered that it made sound bleed from one pod to the next. To create total privacy, the entire pod is soundproof, and contestants communicate through speakers.

Not Everyone Is Show

When the show’s cast is announced, there are more people in the lineup than those who appear on our screens. Love Is Blind starts with 40-50 hopeful singles participating in the ten-day pod portion. Over the ten-day filming period, some people are let go if they aren’t forming connections.

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Creator Chris Coelen explained, “There was a certain point where we did a whittling down of people just to focus internally on the people who were really connecting, to allow them more time. We end up having maybe 20-25 people in the pods at that point.” After the first season, they picked about 30 people.

Some Engagements Weren’t Aired

During Season 1, the producers were surprised to have so much success with the couples. Although only six couples were shown getting engaged and moving to the next phase, there were other success stories. Eight couples from Season 1 got engaged, but they couldn’t follow all of them.

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Lexi Skipper and Westley Baer were one of two couples that got engaged but weren’t featured in the final cut. They split before the wedding, so it only made sense not to follow them. Danielle Drouin and Rory Newbrough had the same story. During Season 2, the same thing happened.

The First Dates Are Short

When the pod portion begins, the first dates are set up like speed dating. Each person has eight to ten minutes to meet each person of the opposite sex. After, they have no limitations on how long they can talk to a person.

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When people start forming connections, they might want to stay in the pods for several hours. The producers would encourage people to take breaks to sleep or eat, but most people wanted to stay in the pods. Luckily, the pods were stocked with drinks and snacks.

No One Has to Propose

It might seem crazy to propose to someone after only speaking to them for a few days without seeing them. Although most people would never do that, the producers didn’t pressure the couples to get engaged. Coelen said, “Nobody had to do anything.”

Alexa and Brennon from Love is Blind
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If they find someone, the contestant decides to move forward or not. Additionally, couples can get engaged anytime within the ten days. For example, Alexa and Brennon from Season 3 were the first couple to get engaged, and he proposed after seven days.

They Have Options

When it came to the proposals, the men could bring their own rings or choose from 10 to 12 different styles and colors. The women are also allowed to propose, but none of them have chosen that option yet. The rings provided by the show are slightly limited.

Alexa and Brennon from Love is Blind
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During Season 2, Kyle Abrams proposed to Shaina Hurley with his mother’s ring. Some people are very happy with the ring they get, but others have been underwhelmed. Season 2’s Mallory Zapata hoped to get a gold band, but Salvador Perez proposed with a silver band.

The Show Airs Much Later

While Season 3 just finished airing, the season was filmed in 2021. The couples had to wait a year until their love stories played out on TV. Meanwhile, Season 1 was filmed two years before it premiered in February 2020. Seasons 2 and 3 were filmed back to back in 2021.

Cast of season 2 of Love is Blind
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This means the couples who end up together must keep their marriages a secret until the show airs. Since Season 3 just wrapped, some couples have started sharing old photos from the year before the show aired. It must be hard to hide a marriage for a year.

The Producers Don’t Interfere

When the pods open, the producers are not very hands-on with planning the dates. Coelen said Love Is Blind is different because contestants have much more input about their relationships than other dating shows. The producers only step in to give the contestants what they ask for.

Cast of season 2 of Love is blind
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Coelen said, “Contestants would say, ‘I’d love to have lasagna for dinner with this person,’ so we’d get them lasagna.” The participants could do whatever they wanted besides touch or see each other. The cast members were also never interrupted and told to talk about something specific.

They Can Talk About This

Although they can’t see or touch each other, participants were allowed to describe how they look, but it’s not encouraged. Season 2’s Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee caused a stir when he asked his dates to describe their appearances. Some have used celebrities to describe their appearance.

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson on 'Love Is Blind.'
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Season 2’s Shayne Jansen also took some heat for asking his dates what they were wearing. It doesn’t always go over well with fans, but you can’t blame them for being curious about the mystery person on the other side of the wall.

Coming Face to Face

It must be hard to fall in love with someone and have to wait to meet them face-to-face. Couples enter the pods and pour their hearts out to one another but only meet once they are engaged. After someone proposes and the person accepts, they wait a day until their first face-to-face meeting.

Love is blind season 2 Mallory Salvador
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The big reveal is nerve-racking and exciting. Most people repropose during their first meeting, which feels very short. Many people are pleasantly surprised with how attractive their partners are, but one or two have been disappointed. Season 2’s Mallory wasn’t initially attracted to Salvador.

They Live Separately

When contestants are not in the pods, the men and women live separately for obvious reasons. The whole point is that they don’t see each other before getting engaged. Contestants have a lot of downtime outside the pods. Kenny Barnes from Season 1 said the men would have plank competitions.

love is blind season 1 cast
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The contestants also had a kitchen in the common area to cook and relax. However, the accommodations were far from cozy. Although the pods look plush and the living quarters are well-decorated, the sleeping arrangements weren’t nice.

Uncomfortable Beds

Kenny Barnes shared that he and the other contestants had to sleep in trailers with correctional facility beds. The design was to strip them down from their comfort level. Due to the uncomfortable sleeping accommodations and the adrenaline rush, people barely slept.

Kenny Barnes from Love is Blind
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Some contestants slept for four hours or less because they were so uncomfortable. Others couldn’t sleep because they wanted to keep talking to potential connections. We would be thinking too much to be able to sleep during that time.

Naps in the Pods

Sleeping in the trailers might have been hard, but many took naps in the pods. Some people would nap when they weren’t interested in the person. If they knew they wouldn’t end up with that person, they didn’t care about using the time to catch up on sleep.

Love is Blind pods
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We can’t blame the contestants for falling asleep in the pods because they were filming for 18 hours a day. Viewers only see snippets of conversations inside the pods, but the singles filmed for up to 20 hours. That’s a lot of talking time, and we would be exhausted too.

Building Friendships

Love Is Blind not only forms romantic relationships but real friendships are formed too. The men and women spend time getting to know each other in the living quarters, and genuine friendships blossom during those times. Lauren Speed said the girls would bake, talk, and twerk in the common area.

Love is Blind footage
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The men and women support each other during the process, and it’s nice to see those friendships. During the Season 3 reunion, SK said it was the first time he had seen a group of men be so honest with one another about their emotions and feelings.

No Technology

When contestants enter the experiment, their cell phones and other technology are removed to prevent them from contacting the outside world. Coelen said it was a key aspect of the show’s premise. It made contestants focus on connecting with other people.

Love Is Blind contestant Nancy Rodriguez gets comfortable in her pod
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In today’s society, everyone is distracted by their phones and usually looks for love on dating apps. That would be counterproductive to the experiment, so taking away technology removes those outside distractions. When they get passed the pod phase, they get their phones back.

They Couldn’t Share the News

Since everyone had their phones taken away, the couples couldn’t share the news about their engagements until they returned home. When people get engaged, they first want to tell their families and friends, but that is against the rules of Love Is Blind.

Cole Barnett proposes in front of the blue wall
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Some people don’t even tell their families they signed up for the experiment. When they get their phones back, some call their parents immediately to share the news. Meanwhile, others are hesitant to tell their families because it seems too quick or untraditional.

One City Per Season

If you have watched the show, you probably noticed that each season takes place in a different city. Season 1 took place in Atlanta, Georgia, Season 2 was filmed in Chicago, Illinois, and Season 3 took place in Dallas, Texas. There is a reason why everyone has to be based in the same city.

A scene from “Love Is Blind,”
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Participants can only get on the show if they live in the city where the season takes place. Producers did this because it gives the relationships a better chance to work out. It makes life a little easier because no one has to make the decision to relocate.

The Next Phase

After ten days in the pods, the engaged couples are whisked away to a resort for a pre-honeymoon getaway. The couples formed an emotional bond in the pods, and the second phase is to help them form a physical connection to match it.

A scene from “Love Is Blind,”
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The couples don’t have their phones until after the pre-honeymoon phase. Therefore, the time is used to focus on connecting the physical and emotional connection without other distractions. But there are a few distractions when all the couples meet.

Meeting Your Former Dates

Once the engaged couples go on the pre-honeymoon, they meet all the other couples. It gets a little awkward because they are coming face to face with people they might have had feelings for in the pods. This step puts their relationships to the test.

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett
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During Season 1, Jessica Batten had feelings for Matthew Barnett in the pods, but he proposed to someone else. When she met him in person during the second phase, she tried to convince him to end his engagement with Amber Pike. This phase also got messy during Season 3.

Living in Close Quarters

After they have a few days to relax and connect, the couples return to the real world to plan their weddings. Instead of returning to their respective homes, they all move in with their fiancees. The couples all stay in the same apartment building because it’s easier to film everyone.

Netflix's Love Is Blind VIP Viewing Party In Atlanta
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It would be challenging to have several camera crews running around these cities trying to follow six different couples. It also allows the couples to move into a “neutral” space so that they can have a fresh start while planning their weddings.

Meet the Parents

If you have watched Love Is Blind, you might have noticed that some families are supportive or warm up to the premise. However, other contestants’ families have been so against the idea that they won’t even meet their son or daughter’s new partner.

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers
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Additionally, it’s up to the cast what they tell their families. When they return to the real world, the couples introduce their families to one another, which can sometimes make or break relationships. It can influence their decision if their family or friends don’t approve.

The Show Chips in

Although the show only airs the ceremony part of the wedding, the couples plan a reception too. Production pitches in to cover basic costs, but if a couple goes above the basic package, it’s up to them how they spend their money on the big day.

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During Season 2, viewers got a glimpse into some of the couples planning their weddings. We saw one couple go cake tasting, which is more than we saw in other seasons. It must be frustrating for the couples who spent their money and didn’t end up getting married.

The Weddings Are Real

Despite what some may think, the marriages are legally binding. If both parties say, “I do,” they are actually married, and it’s not a stunt for TV. However, the weddings are small because they only get about 12 to 15 guests each.

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Most of the engaged couples walk down the aisle, even if they plan to say no. Their guests don’t know what they are going to say, so everyone finds out together. However, they want their friends and family there for support, so the contestants have to provide a guest list.

No Cell Phones

Because the show is filmed in advance and production doesn’t want spoilers to leak, the wedding guests aren’t allowed to have their phones. The guests have to sign an appearance release form, and their phones are banned during the ceremony.

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Even after the couple gets married, they aren’t allowed to go out together while the show is airing to prevent spoilers. Their friends and family have to remember not to post about the couple because fans are great internet sleuths who will find any information out there.

Expensive Venues

The couples have their weddings at the same locations, and the venue is far from cheap. The venue for Season 1 costs up to $30,000 to reserve on a Saturday. The Season 3 weddings took place at the Lone Star Mansion, which is booked out months in advance.

Love is blind season 1 cast
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Although they don’t know how many couples will get engaged, producers must book the venue in advance—finding a beautiful venue two weeks before the weddings would be impossible. Producers consider the couples’ desires when decorating for each wedding.

The Casting Process Is Serious

It’s hard to find people who would agree to get engaged and married to a stranger within a month, but producers ensured that contestants were there for the right reasons. Anyone interested in partaking in the experiment must complete a lengthy questionnaire.

cast of ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3
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The questionnaire asks the potential contestants what are non-negotiable traits for you in a partner are and what kind of relationship are you looking to build. They are also asked to list their pet peeves and describe their ideal partner. Season 2’s Deepti said, “It seemed more serious.”

The Gold Cups Are Special

Everyone is always curious why the contestants only drink out of gold wine glasses. Although Coelen said the show wanted to use them because he liked how they look, that’s not exactly the entire truth. The show has used the gold goblets in every season for editing purposes.

Love is blind gold cups
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The gold cups help producers edit the show without disrupting continuity. If the glasses were clear, viewers would see changes in the drink levels. This allows editors to splice together a few moments or make a long night look much shorter.

The Final Decision

Although it may be uncomfortable, couples have to make their final decisions at the wedding. It might be awkward to say “I don’t” in front of friends and family members, but it’s better to get out than be in a bad marriage. Unfortunately, not all married couples have stayed together.

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson
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Spoiler alert! Both married couples from Season 2 have filed for divorce. In August 2022, Jarette Jones and Iyanna McNeely announced their divorce. Shortly after, Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson also filed for divorce. The divorces are as legally binding as the marriages.

Castmates Can Date After Filming Ends

If one relationship doesn’t work out, that doesn’t mean the contestants can’t reach out to other people they dated in the pods. Once filming ends, the contestants are free to date whoever they want, including their former castmates. This happened during Season 2.

Deepti and Kyle Abrams
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During Season 2, Deepti and Kyle Abrams had their hearts broken by other people on the show. However, they formed a connection in the pods and decided to explore it after filming ended. The two seemed like they would be great together, but it didn’t work out in the end.

They Had Other Plans

During Season 1, Kenny and Kelly didn’t have plans to follow through with the marriage. The pair only got engaged to continue the experiment because they were both committed to that. Kelly believed she and Kenny would continue dating after the show because that was what they had planned.

Love is blind Season 1, Kenny and Kelly
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However, on their wedding day, Kenny said he was not “emotionally available” to continue a relationship with Kelly. She felt rejected because that wasn’t the plan, and it blindsided her. The two proved that some people are in it for attention rather than love.

The Most Polarizing Person

Season 1 of the show also brought us Jessica, one of the most polarizing cast members. She brought so much drama that the producers wouldn’t let her quit the show. Jessica said she had a conversation about leaving but wasn’t allowed.

Jessica from Love is blind
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Jessica knew she and Mark weren’t going to work, but she had to go through with the wedding to say, “I don’t.” She said, “My dog got sick and almost died during the show; I had so much other stuff going on.” However, everyone knew the drama would keep the viewers watching.

The Contestants Are Paid

Although it is unknown how much they make, the contestants are compensated somehow. They have to take a few weeks off work, so it would only make sense to pay them even a small amount. However, contestants only earn a small amount, so they don’t join the show for money.

Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli
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Producers say the contestants are truly in it for love because they have to put their lives and careers on hold to film the series. There is no guarantee that they will gain fame or find their “happily ever after.”

They Were Asked to Apply

Shortly before Season 3 began, SK, Raven, and Zanab were prompted to apply after receiving a message on Instagram. They were told the show was casting in Dallas, but past seasons haven’t sought out potential contestants on social media. Zanab said she forgot she had applied.

love is blind season 3 cast
Source: Netflix

Meanwhile, SK said he ignored the calls when casting producers reached out to him. He thought it was a scam, so he didn’t respond until the last day of casting. The show would have been much different without these three in the pods.

The Infamous Eye Drop Scene

During Season 3, Andrew Liu proposed to Nancy Rodriguez, who rejected his proposal. After she said no, Andrew sat in front of the cameras and used eye drops to produce fake tears for sympathy. However, it backfired on him and turned into the cringiest moment of the season.

Andrew Liu proposed to Nancy Rodriguez
Source: Netflix

The scene showed Andrew wasn’t in it for the right reasons. Nancy said she was disappointed when she saw the scene because he deceived her in the pods. She knew something was off, and the scenes validated that some people weren’t in the experiment to find love.

Did He Cheat?

Rumors swirled during Season 1 that Mark, the youngest male on the show, was secretly dating other women. He later denied it, but many people, including Jessica, said he was cheating on her the entire time. Mark was initially seen as the “nice guy,” which quickly changed.

Mark Cuevas From Love is Blind
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Mark seemed to be vying for Jessica from day one, but she rejected him, and he quickly moved on. After filming, Mark started dating another cast member, LC, who discovered he was cheating on her with other women. It seems like a pattern, so he must have cheated.

They Tried to Make It Work

Despite delivering one of the most dramatic scenes, Damian and Giannina from Season 1 reconciled off-camera after he decided to say no at their wedding. The two started dating again following their wedding because they thought the connection would be strong enough.

Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli
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Giannina thought things were going well, but Damian let the fame go to his head. Their relationship was on and off for two years until they finally called it quits. He was not the right person for her, and everyone knew it. Now she is dating someone else from another dating reality show.

He Looked Familiar

At least one of the show’s contestants has been on reality TV before. Carlton from Season 1 might have looked familiar to some viewers who are also fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta because he made a brief appearance on the series.

Carlton Morton, Giannina Gibelli and Danielle Drouin
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Carlton was working as Cynthia Bailey’s assistant in 2014. Bravo fans might remember that he got into a heated argument with Kenya Moore when she joined the hit series. As many people like to say, “All roads lead back to Bravo.” It happens often, so we believe it’s true.