One Couple’s Huge Surprise at a 100th Birthday Party

The story of Judith Goldman and Mannie Corman proves that some people are meant to be together and age is just a number. When they met in 1999, they never would have guessed that they’d be celebrating Mannie’s 100th birthday as a couple, let alone doing anything more. This sweet love story will touch your heart.

Meeting Your Future Love

Judith Goldman, a special needs teacher at a Bronx high school, met Mannie Corman, a retired garment manufacturer, in 1999. At the time, she was getting married – for the second time – to Rabbi Phil Goldman, one of Mannie’s best friends.


Source: Gabriella Angotti-Jones/The New York Times

“I liked Mannie instantly. He was clever, and he knew about the sewing industry, just like my father did,” she said. Through her late husband, the two become close friends.

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