Retired Man Transforms an Old Plane into An Amazing Home

Bruce Campbell is a big believer in not letting things go to waste, especially when a lot of time, energy, hard work, and care went into their construction. When someone else would see a piece of junk, Bruce sees a whole world of opportunities. From an early age, he always loved to take old, unwanted items and turn them into incredible new things, breathing fresh life into objects that had been discarded and left to rot.

Most of Bruce’s creations and innovations were quite small, but one day, after he had retired from his job as an electrical engineer, he decided to launch his biggest ever upcycling project: taking an old, unwanted plane and turning it into an exceptional home. It sounds immensely ambitious, and that’s precisely what it was, but Bruce proved that it wasn’t impossible as he slowly worked to make his fantastic dream a reality.

Read on to learn all about how Bruce got the idea to make his amazing plane home and how he went about making it all happen. It was a long journey, but when you see how his plane is looking these days, you’ll see it was worth every single bit of effort he put into it.

An Idea Comes to Bruce Campbell

At the age of 64, Bruce Campbell was ready to start work on a lifelong dream. He’d spent his life as an electrical engineer but was retired now and finally had free time to work on a big project. He’d always wanted to build a home for himself from old freight vans and had bought up 10 acres of land to make it happen.



However, throughout his career, he heard about a lady named Joanna Ussery in Mississippi who had turned a 727 aircraft into her home, and he thought that sounded like an even better idea. So, he set a plan in motion to make it happen.

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