A Maximum of 12 Years in Prison: The Girl Who Lived like a Billionaire Before Being Charged with Grand Larceny

Anna Sorokin – or Anna Delvey, as she’s arguably better known – may be a name you recognize after she appeared in numerous newspapers around the world in 2018 as a result of being arrested and detained without bail while awaiting trial. She faced charges of six counts of grand larceny and attempted grand larceny, in addition to theft of services. A verdict was reached as of May 9, 2019. Anna has been sentenced to at least four years in prison, with a maximum of 12 years.

But what exactly did Anna do? This incredible story tells of a working-class Russian girl who posed as a German billionaire heiress in New York City, subsequently enjoying all the perks of the Soho socialite scene before her luck ran out completely. Keeping up this pretense for years, the now-27-year-old former fashion magazine intern swindled friends, colleagues, and service workers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars before her world came crashing down around her. Now a far cry from the pristine “it” girl clad in designer clothes that she posed as for years, Anna resides in Rikers Island Prison, and her future is unknown.

New York City’s “It” Girl

Anna Delvey was a woman who was well-known on the New York City socialite scene. “Anybody who was anybody” knew her – she was an “it” girl. If one were to ask where she came from, it’s unlikely that anyone would get the same answer twice. Anna told everyone that she had a 60 million euro trust fund that would cover her lavish lifestyle.


Source: Reddit.com

She appeared in the Soho party scene and cunningly placed herself in all the places people wanted to be. She acted like she could do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted – and everyone assumed that was because she had a lot of money. She even threw money around for food for the people who hung out with her. So, no one even thought to question her.

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