This Is How a Little Effort to Help a Hungry Teen Goes Viral

The world has not forgotten the art of philanthropy. A living example in this context was set by two strangers who met while shopping at Kroger.

Matt White was an ordinary music business graduate living his life just the way he wanted. One fine evening, he didn’t know that he would become a savior to people he had never met. Even the hungry stranger he met while shopping was unaware of White’s generous self. A teen as young as sixteen chose not to beg but offer help instead. White had never witnessed innocence like this before. He couldn’t stop himself from going beyond his limits to help the kid.


Source: Simbaly

Matt White became a hero to Chauncey Jones Black and his ailing mother. The then 30-year-old Memphis’ resident, White, took Chauncey out of his hideout and into the world of social media where he was welcomed with open arms.

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