Marriage Is Not for Everyone: 10 Celebrities Who Opted for Single Life

Most of our customary norms dictate that we should at some point in life get married. For some reasons, some individuals chose to break from this norm and stay single for their entire lives. Celebrities are not left out in this category of people as well. Here are some of the most recognizable women who might never indulge in matrimonial affairs.

Kylie Minogue: The Freedom-Lover

Kylie is a spontaneous superstar who thoroughly enjoys her freedom. She has had links with some men, some quite famed, and even had a recent engagement ceremony. However, she openly proclaims that maybe marriage is not her ‘thing.’


Denis Makarenko /

According to a recent interview with a renowned magazine, she highlighted that she immensely loves her freedom and space, maybe excessively to allow a permanent tie to a man on matrimonial grounds.

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