Danger in the Digital Age: Cybercrime Like You’ve Never Seen Before

It seems that as each day goes by, something crazier and crazier happens. With everything going on in the world, cybersecurity may not be on the top of your priority list— but it should be. There are trillions of cybercriminals out there who are using psychological methods to manipulate people into doing whatever they want. What are they relying on? Human error.



In fact, human error accounts for 95 percent of all cybercrime, according to a study conducted by IBM. Now, I know you probably think that you can spot a malicious website from a mile away, but let me tell you, you’re wrong. Hackers are getting better at outsmarting even the best of us.

But the good news is (yes, there’s good news) that we’ve not only outlined the newest cybercrime schemes, but we also provide some great solutions to stay protected.

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