Upcoming Drops that Look Promising for Investors

A potential client from a Wall Street firm emailed me recently and asserted that I “have alpha” in the generative Art space. What a thing to hear, eh? He was far from correct, of course, but I took it as a compliment and scratched it up to my having spoken with so many teams worldwide at this point. CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, A-list reps, and plenty of “anon” types, all chasing the dream. (I could probably do okay as a generative art consultant, come to think of it, if only I weren’t busy coding all day!)

Image from The Desperate Apeswives

If I’ve called a number of drops correctly, it’s quite often from my direct and regular exposure to these individuals, as potential clients routinely tell me about the drops they’re most excited about. A guy from England alerted me early to the Galaxy Eggs drop (which I did get in early on, thanks to him), and I wound up a huge fan and promoter of that drop as well. (I bought in at 0.085 and was offered up to 1.46 ETH for mine, though I loved it too much to ever sell. But, that sure does speak to the potential of this space on the investment side; it’s not always easy to 17x your ETH in a few days, right?!)

I’ve slowed down considerably when it comes to blogging, mainly as I’ve been working 16–18 hours daily since early July, doing generative coding, taking meetings, answering questions, etc. I’ve literally put in nearly a year’s worth of normal FT work since beginning my journey early this summer. And, truth be told, the only reason I’m able to crank out *this* article is because I’m waiting for a giant file transfer running in the background.

So, let’s get to it… I’d like to share some cool drops that I’m excited about, and to tout a few of our own drops that I hope you’ll find pretty exciting.

The MekaVerse

My company is not affiliated with the Mekas. I’m just a huge fan of them!

First, let’s look at the MekaVerse. Much like the Galaxy Eggs, a client tipped me off early to these amazing things. I believe I joined their Discord when it had, oh, 25k members (which was mind-blowing at the time). It’s since blown up to 158k members (as of this writing).

It’s so huge that I get about10 scam DMs daily on Discord announcing that minting has started (which it has not). Managing scams surrounding this drop is surely going to be a FT job for someone (or maybe a whole team), especially as it draws nearer.

They drop on October 6 at 11pm CET (Central European Time) — so, adjust accordingly for you. (It’s 2pm my time, here in Portland, OR, on Wednesday).

The math alone on these Mekas is crazy. With just 8,888 Mekas available to 158k+ fans, the team knew that they had some issues to deal with. For example, there would surely be a ginormous gas war if they just dumped them all online at once.

That, and the 8,888 supply is surely another problem here when 158k people are wanting one. Even in a completely random / fair world, that gives each individual about a 6% chance of getting one. And, there may well be multiple mints allowed (though I’m not sure, exactly), which lowers your individual chances even more.

What they’ve done, though, is to develop a raffle system. I don’t believe all details are out yet, but it seems like, on the 6th, you have to go to the web site and register. And, if your wallet is picked, you’ll be allowed to buy a Meka bot (or maybe multiple?).

Frankly, your chances aren’t great for being picked. But, you can certainly try. (I know I’ll be there trying!)

The Mekas will mint at 0.2 ETH, which is $673 today. So, they’re not cheap. But, with that many fans, the floor price is bound to skyrocket. I can only imagine what that will be — 2 ETH, 3ETH, more?!

Desperate Ape Wives

Here’s one that’s currently flying under the radar, the Desperate Ape Wives. You have to love the concept here — create partners for all of the Bored Apes. Surely many of them would love a companion, don’t you agree?

Credit: DAWs

An image I snagged from their Discord “Sneak-Peeks” channel. I imagine this might be the rarest ape of all, though I can’t be sure. But this one, the Queen Ape, has her own Twitter account.

What I like most here is the artwork with its perfectly matching, complimentary styling. These ladies (as far as one can tell from the web site) will have a lot of style and character, just like the apes themselves.

The site also mentions a donation to the GoodDollar organization, a nonprofit aligned with (and taking real action on) the principles of Universal Basic Income. Apparently, there will even be a GoodDollar-branded ape wife sent to that foundation, so it could be interesting to see what GoodDollar does with it! This interests me greatly, as my very first article talked about how generative art will transform nonprofit fundraising. So, this collab is amazing to see.

Notably, the site also mentions a similar donation of a rare “Stay Strong” ape wife to a breast cancer charity to be chosen by the community. This is another positive for this drop, as generative art holders definitely like to feel part of a community, and in my opinion it’s becoming a noble standard that this includes decision-making and holder input toward charitable giving.

The DAW will mint at 0.08 at some point (October drop date TBA), and it seems a sure bet that, if members of the BAYC get wind of this and decide to buy into the concept, these ladies could find themselves with an ever-rising floor. What that floor might be I couldn’t say. But, the BAYC floor surpassed 40 ETH recently, and its other projects have nice floors, as well — Mutants at 4.47 ETH currently, and another “companion” project, the BA Kennel Club, holding at 2.8 ETH currently.

I’d like to think that an actual lady ape could hold a valuation far above the mutants or kennel club, and could easily imagine them reaching stratospheric heights. So, I plan to HODL a few DAWs when the time comes. Follow DAWs Twitter account for more updates

I’m a Kitty Cat

Here’s a project many haven’t heard of yet, but I’m betting they soon will. It’s called I’m a Kitty Cat, a hyper-realistic, fully-rendered set of cats inspired by famous cat memes.

I’m a Kitty Cat

This is an upcoming project we’re coding for a client. The visionary here is SecondLife Entrepreneur Carrie Tatsu, with lead artist Massimo Righi. The production values on this are mind-boggling. Have a look at her Twitter for tons of sample pics — tough to believe these are all meticulously 3D-rendered felines and not the real thing!

Carrie has just 240 Twitter followers as of this writing, yet she’s been recently interviewed by Time Magazine about her experiences in the metaverse. If/when that article comes out, you’ll wish you’d aped into her project early, as her followers will 1000x! I know a lot about it, but can of course only divulge the info she’s made public already. But, this is one to watch! So, give her a follow on Twitter, and hook in as an early adopter on her Discord where you can read the roadmap that covers short-term and long-term goals, community activities, donations, and more. These cats are sure to enchant the crowds later this year!

When to Sell if You’re an Investor

One thing I noticed with the Galaxy Eggs, and I’ve heard others mention this as well, is that there’s possibly a pattern to how hyped projects go with the reveal. It seems to be that you mint at X, the pre-reveal hype raises the floor to Y, and then the reveal happens, usually lowering the floor a good bit.

Snap of the Galaxy Egg I HODLed, and will continue to. Note the current best offer of .58 — still not bad! But less than the 1.46 I could have had pre-reveal.

In the weeks/months/(years?) afterward, some projects will hold their floor, others will fizzle, and others will Ape out to the max. Everyone wants the latter, of course, which draws them to the high-profile drops.

With my Galaxy Egg, I had a pre-reveal offer of 1.46 ETH, as I mentioned. But post-reveal, those offers lowered to around .6 or less (currently). So, I could have sold at the peak pre-reveal and bought two afterward.

People’s motivations differ, though. Some want a chance at a rare, and so they spend, spend, spend. Others just want to flip and remain detached from the project or the art. It’s wild, isn’t it?

My Meka Goal:

If I get selected at the raffle, I’m going to buy two for 0.2 ETH each, HODL as long as I can in pre-reveal, sell one at 2+ ETH pre-reveal, sell the 2nd at 3+ ETH in pre-reveal, realize 4.8 ETH in profit, and then purchase one post-reveal for around 1 ETH. So, at the end of the day, I’ll have 3.8 ETH profit+ 1 Meka for long-term. In USD figures, I’m going to spend ~ $1,500 (incl. gas) and by day’s end I’ll have $12,000 + one of the art pieces. That’s my plan — well, presuming I get picked and can buy two. (Again, not likely at all!) [Update: I did not win a chance to mint, but would note here that the floor remains at an astounding 5.879 ETH pre-reveal as of 10–8–21!]

My DAW Goal:

Honestly, I haven’t seen any comparable-quality drops in the ape-tribute / ape-partner space (if that even is a formal space!), so I’m highly bullish on these ladies. I hope they get the attention they deserve, though (unlike the Mekas) I’d like to actually stand a shot at acquiring my own family of apes. A group of apes, by the way, is known as a shrewdness. So let’s call them a shrewd buy! I might just throw an ETH at these ladies and see if I can flip a few for that much, each, to recoup my ETH / stack a bit, and then HODL the rest until the BAYC takes notice and starts hoarding them as companions for their BAs.

Image from The Desperate Apeswives

My Kitty Cat Goal:

If the Internet has taught us anything, it’s to always go with cats. They’re a safe bet. And, with the possibility of that Time Magazine story looming, it seems a sure bet to me. Though, as a dev on the team, I’m absolutely assured to hold some cats, so at least I won’t have to compete for one here. Still, even if I wasn’t, it’s just too cool of a drop to miss out on. So, my strategy would be my usual one of buying multiples, watching the floor and listing a few quickly on the high side, and (1) making a tidy profit while (2) HODLing a few for later (possibly even buying again if the floor drops post-reveal, as it tends to do on almost all drops). (Of course, you never really KNOW what’s going to happen!)