5 UFO Sightings That Might Make You A Believer

It’s one of the ultimate questions we all wish we had an answer to: are aliens real? Given the vastness of the universe, it’s highly likely that some other form of intelligent life must be out there somewhere, but have aliens actually visited our own planet?

Many people claim to have seen or encountered aliens over the years. While a lot of these stories and sightings have been dismissed as hoaxes or tricks, some of them are eerily credible and might make you think again about the possibility of alien life right here on Earth.

Unexplained Objects on the Radar


Source: steemit.com

Back in November of 2004, the crew on board the USS Princeton spotted something strange on their radar scans. It seemed like an unidentified object was about 100 miles off the California coast. What made this situation stranger was that the object seemed to appear at an extraordinary height of 80,000 feet and then dive down right over the ocean’s surface.

A pair of fighter jets were sent out to investigate. They reported odd movements in the water and a strange shadow under the surface. A white shape then appeared over the water. It didn’t seem to look like a regular aircraft, with no wings or windows. The jet pilots tried to intercept the aircraft, but it sped away in an instant.

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