He Found a Hidden Treasure Under His Grandparents’ Carpet

Two decades after his grandparents passed away, a Reddit user with the username “EvilEnglish” inherited a farmhouse that once belonged to them. This man from Tennessee had a great relationship with his grandparents, who he lovingly referred to as PopPop and Nana. He remembers his Nana reading Treasure Island to him as a kid, which interestingly sparked a lifelong desire to find a hidden treasure of his own one day.


Source: thechive.com

When he inherited this abandoned property, he had absolutely no idea at the time that it would lead him to an amazing discovery. When EvilEnglish went to the farmhouse to clean it up to sell it, his world was completely changed. And it all started when a musty old rug. When he lifted it up, he made a discovery: he found a hidden safe. It took him days trying to crack the code to the concrete safe, but to no avail. EvilEnglish said his grandparents were enthusiastic collectors, so he knew the safe would have some interesting stuff. But he never expected this.

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