Homeless Man Returns Engagement Ring To Its Owner: Karma At Its Finest

At times, the most generous acts come from places you would never expect. As long as we open our minds and our eyes, people all around can surprise us. Although misconceptions are common, it’s important to challenge them to see the good in the world. This is exactly what Sarah Darling experienced when she encountered a homeless man in her Kansas City community.


Source: theprimarymarket.com

When she saw the man begging for money in a street corner, her heart broke, and she decided to give him some change. She dug in her purse, threw some change in, and went on with her day and didn’t think much of it. Sadly, when Sarah got home, she realized her beautiful and sentimental, diamond ring was missing. She went to confront the man to see if he has it. That’s when she immediately understood that this experience is turning into a love changing story.

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