Myka Stauffer: The YouTuber Who “Returned” The Son She Adopted

Myka Stauffer is a mother turned influencer, who made a fortune thanks to her YouTube channel, and sizable social media following. In late May, she shocked her fans when she announced her decision to “rehome” her adopted son Huxley. Many of her subscribers were immediately outraged. Her cute little mommy videos couldn’t get her out of this one.


Source: Instagram / mykastauffer

Huxley is a child from China who has autism, and Myka was completely aware of this when she adopted him. She warmed her viewers’ hearts when she revealed that she wanted to use her affluence to adopt a child in need. Not just any child, she specifically wanted to adopt a “special” child. Thousands of subscribers donated money to help Myka on her adoption journey. That’s why, when Myka and her husband revealed that they gave up custody, the criticism against the mother has been strong.

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