The Voices Behind Beloved Cartoon Characters

When we see actors on our screens, they are easily recognized by their faces, and it’s the same thing when it comes to cartoons. When we watch an animated movie, we recognize the faces of our favorite characters, but don’t necessarily think of where their voice is coming from. As humans, we tend to rely on our eyes more than our ears, but if we pay attention, we might be able to recognize some pretty famous voices.


Source: Photo by Tinseltown / Photo by DFree/ / Photo by S_Bukley/ Photo by Joe Seer/

Being a voice actor isn’t an easy task. You need to be able to bring a character to life just by talking. When you don’t have facial expressions to work with, it can be very difficult to portray a character. There are a lot of beloved cartoon characters that we don’t know (or care) who voices them. On the other hand, some famous celebs can be behind some of your favorite animated characters. Check out who voices your favorite cartoons, or which cartoon your favorite celebrity voices!

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