Victoria’s Secret Founder Sold His Idea and Paid the Price

Let me start by asking you this: has any man ever felt comfortable in a lingerie shop? Whether a man is buying something “special” for his wife, girlfriend, or himself (I don’t judge), it’s not a situation that most men feel at ease in. The feeling of both embarrassment and fear is palpable. And it was this sense – that most guys would rather be in a war zone than in a women’s lingerie store – that led California native Roy Raymond to create Victoria’s Secret back in 1977.


Source: Pinterest / Photo by Gregory Pace, BEI, Shutterstock

The iconic lingerie retailer has seen years of scandals and declining sales and is now struggling to survive through the pandemic. Who knows, maybe we can chalk it up to bad karma. And why do I say that? Because Raymond, the original founder of Victoria’s Secret, lost his company to a business mogul named Leslie Wexner, fell into a depression, and ultimately took his own life.

So what went wrong?

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