Welcome to the Royal Family, Hanna Jaff

In the Name of Love

If you haven’t watched The Crown (or know a thing or two about royal history), then here’s a recap: King Edward VIII abdicated the throne (he was forced to step down) after proposing to American socialite Wallis Simpson in 1936. The problem was that Simpson was divorced from her first husband and was attempting to divorce her second. Edward became her third husband.


Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII on their wedding day. Photo by Granger / Shutterstock

The marriage was opposed by the UK government and that of the Dominions of the British Commonwealth. Why? Religious, legal, political, and moral objections were raised. It was a major event that resulted in the royals being thrown into a crisis that they hoped would never happen again. After his abdication, a new line of Windsors took the throne.

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