Coincidences at the Museum: Visitors Who Accidentally Match the Paintings They’re Looking At

For the past few years, Austrian photographer, Stefan Draschan has spent countless hours chasing after the perfect moments to take photos. He waited around for what would feel like an eternity, just waiting for the perfect shot. And you’ll see just how perfect we’re talking about. Draschan waited around for museum visitors to stand in front of artworks. But not just any visitor and any painting. He managed to capture visitors who happened to resemble the painting they were staring at. And the results are quite fascinating!


Photo by Stefan Draschan

Draschan is the mastermind behind the popular blog called People Matching Artworks. As the name suggests, he captures serendipitous encounters between people and works of art who go so well together; they just need to be seen. Now, you might be thinking that these images were staged, but they weren’t! Daschan’s only secret: patience.

Scroll down to see for yourself!

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