Names for Body Parts You Never Knew About

The human body is an incredible thing. Without its unique advantages and capacities, mankind would not have been able to dominate the world in the way we currently do, building great cities, outdoing all other species, creating our own societies and civilizations, and enjoying modern technological marvels. In spite of how impressive our bodies are, we actually don’t know all that much about them, and there are undoubtedly many parts of your own body you don’t even know the name for. Read on to find out.


Do you ever get an itchy back but just can’t quite reach the spot that needs scratching? Well, that’s the acnestis. This term is used across the animal kingdom for that one part of the back that just can’t be scratched by hands, feet, or paws.



In humans, the acnestis is found between the shoulder blades, and it actually led to the creation of devices like back scratchers to help us get to those ‘hard to reach’ places without having to ask someone else to scratch our backs for us.

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