After Purchasing a Tank on eBay, One Man Found More than He Bargained For

Most of us have bought something from eBay at some point in our lives – after all, it is the world’s biggest online marketplace. However, while a fair few people experience disappointment when they receive something that’s not quite what they expected, some people strike gold – literally. One of those people is Nick Mead from a farm located in the small village of Helmdon in England, who was searching eBay one day looking to expand his unusual collection of old military tanks and other armored vehicles.


Source: YouTube

He made his purchase of what he considered to be an exciting find – an old Russian tank. However, he had no idea just how exciting it would be – and what he would end up finding inside of it. In a shocking discovery that made headlines nationwide as well as internationally, Nick and his colleagues stumbled upon a fortune that could change all of their lives forever.

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