She Got Highlights for Her Birthday, and Her Dad Cut Off All of Her Hair

Turning 13 for any person is a big deal, but I think it’s even more special for girls. Turning 13 is meant to be a delightful occasion for all kids who are now entering their teens. It’s a time to celebrate becoming a young man or woman, a descent into adulthood. And it’s something that every 13 years old deserves to celebrate! What do people do on birthdays? They eat big chocolate cakes, hang banners that read Happy Birthday, wrap presents and give them out and wait for the birthday boy or girl to rip them open.


Source: Twitter

But this girl’s birthday was anything but normal. In 2018, a young Ohio girl was going to do something different for her birthday. But unfortunately for Kelsey Frederick, her new beginning as a newly turned teenager was going to take a turn for the worse. Why? That’s a good question. We’ll see why getting her hair styled and dyed led to her father’s unwarranted actions. And what she ended up doing about it.

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