Awkward! Actors Who Refused to Kiss Their Costars on Camera

Who doesn’t love a good romantic scene in a movie? But if you’re anything like me, you wonder how it must be to film scenes like that. I’m just so aware that they’re acting and always thinking what it would be like to film an intimate scene with a whole camera crew surrounding you. And not to mention the fact that most actors and actresses have real-life spouses that are going to absolutely watch these scenes! So yeah, you can say that it’s a little bit awkward.

But what if you knew that some romantic scenes have an extra layer of awkward because one of the actors refuses to kiss his or her costar? Ouch. Can you imagine? Anyways, here are some true stories of real-life awkward behind the scenes moments.

Brad Pitt Refused to Kiss Cate Blanchett (At First)

It may be hard to believe, but Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt initially refused to kiss Cate Blanchett in the filming of ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.’ Apparently, it was out of respect for his then-wife, Angelina Jolie. This resulted in rumors that there was trouble in paradise. The movie’s director, David Fincher, was thrown off guard. But he eventually managed to convince Brad to do the kissing scene anyway.


Source: Moria

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