From the Army to Hollywood: How Ex-Marine Adam Driver Became an A-List Actor

So here’s the thing about Adam Driver: he’s young (age 36 at the moment), he’s popping up on movie and TV screens just about everywhere, and there’s something about him that people either hate or absolutely love. Whether you saw him on HBO’s Girls, in Star Wars as Kylo Ren, or in his last Netflix movie Marriage Story, something about him makes it hard not to feel something – whatever that is. Are you attracted to him or annoyed by him? Confused by him or wanna be him? Call it what you will, but there is just something about this dude.


Photo by David James, Lucasfilm, Bad Robot, Walt Disney Studios, Kobal, / Apatow Productions, Kobal, / Michael Buckner, Variety, / Matthew Murphy, The Guardian

What I’m here to say today is that this young man with a mysterious aura has a lot more to him than just Hollywood movies and long, kind of greasy hair. The guy has a real heart. Despite being so young, he’s already covered being a marine, a musician, a theater actor, and even founded a non-profit organization that performs for those in the military. Oh, and then there’s the fact that he’s an A-list actor.

Wanna know more about him? Read on…

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