The Life of Christopher Walken: From Child Star to Iconic Comedian

Christopher Walken is an iconic celebrity, and people of all ages love his work. We’ve seen him in everything funny from the role that inspired him working with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis to working with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Walken started out studying dance, moved on to theater, and eventually made his way to movies.


Photo by Andrew Cooper / Dreamworks / Kobal / Shutterstock

His parents owned a famous bakery in Astoria called Walken’s Bakery, and he was around delicious baked goods since he was a child. Walken has particular opinions on things in his life and is a huge cat lover. He has been in over 100 films and TV shows since his career started, and he has no plan of stopping anytime soon. Let’s dig deeper into the career and life of Christopher Walken from child actor to a comedic icon.

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