Neil deGrasse Tyson Debunks Sci-Fi Movies

Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist, TV personality and author, really knows how to make the most confusing and seemingly unexplainable things about science digestible for us normal folk. But aside from charismatically explaining science to us, one of his favorite things to do is tell us what’s impossible about all those sci-fi movies we love to see. And with a sense of humor.

While some might say he’s raining on our parade, it’s actually quite fun (and educational) to see whether or not growing potatoes on Mars is hopeless, regardless of what Matt Damon in ‘The Martian’ would have us believe. Here are some of Tyson’s debunking facts about sci-fi movies.

Sandra Bullock’s Hair in ‘Gravity’

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson had a good chuckle when he watched the zero-gravity scenes in the movie ‘Gravity.’ Despite the production’s meticulous efforts to float everything else in each shot, Sandra Bullock’s bangs miraculously didn’t follow suit. They were neatly planted on her head as if she were on planet Earth. Come on now… Tyson remarked on Twitter (@neiltyson): “ Must be using really good astronaut mousse .” He also pointed out how “interesting” it was that Bullock’s character, a medical doctor, was the one to service the Hubble Space Telescope, yet astronaut George Clooney informs her what actually happens (medically) during oxygen deprivation. Hmm…


Source: Variety

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