Danger in the Digital Age: A Cyber-Crime Like You’ve Never Seen Before

It seems that as each day goes by, crazier and crazier things are happening. The latest event was the massive Twitter attack which happened in July 2020. But with everything else going on, most people didn’t give it much thought. They just changed their passwords and went on with their day. Okay, so those with millions of Twitter followers were targeted, but how does that affect regular people like you and me? Sadly, it has everything to do with us.


Source: Pinterest

According to FBI investigators, hackers were able to upload fake bitcoin deals (which promised to return double the amount of money people paid the hackers) to 130 accounts – all because an employee at Twitter made a mistake. This employee clicked on a link that he or she wasn’t supposed to, opening the door for hackers to tweet a fraudulent scam that reached millions of people.
Now, you may be thinking, “I would have never clicked on that link” or “I knew that Tweet was a scam,” but hey, to err is human, right? Every part of this attack occurred because of a human error, and every single one of us could have fallen for it. It’s why hackers prey on us in the first place. They know that eventually, someone will slip up. That’s why it’s more important than ever that we protect ourselves against these threats.

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