10 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Cops Tap Your Tail Light When They Pull You Over

On this day and age, dash cams and other technological gadget have helped police officers in routine stops or checkpoint to find offending drivers. However, some cops still do the practice of tapping the tail light when they pull drivers over. If you’re wondering why they do this particular act, check out our list of 10 mind-blowing reasons why cops tap your tail light.

Leaving their Fingerprints Behind

First on our list of reasons, why cops tap your tail light after they pull you over is to make sure they leave their fingerprints behind. They intentionally do this to leave evidence on your car in case something terrible happens to them.


Source: funnyand.com

Leaving fingerprints behind is a smart decision that cops traditionally do. Let’s say you’re out of your mind and you’re in a bad mood when the police pull you over. You’re so crooked that you decide to harm or kill the cop. You hide the body, but after some investigation, you’ll end up in jail. Why? Well, it’s definitely because of the fingerprints!

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