The Con Artist Who Fathered 13 Children

We have all heard of these kinds of stories. Where someone uses fake pictures and starts an online relationship. They never actually meet face to face because they aren’t the people from the pictures, but they manage to fool their victims for a while. Well, this story is on a whole new level. You don’t need a fake Tinder account to be a con man. Some people use their own pictures but lie about every single aspect of their lives.


Source: Facebook / Pinterest

William Allen sure has a way with words and sends romantic emails to the random women he meets online. The girls are flattered and get mesmerized by these messages. He comes off as such a sweet guy who’s open and honest, so the women feel an instant connection. I mean, they thought they found their perfect match. However, nobody is perfect, so if some guy checks off all the right boxes, it might be a huge red flag.

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