The Man Who Faked His Own Death Finally Gets Caught

So this is a story that seems like it came out of a movie. Everyone thinks about disappearing and leaving the challenges of day to day life from time to time. However, for many of us, it’s just a thought that we never actually go through with. I mean, we have family and loved ones to consider. Even though falling off the grid and escaping responsibilities seems nice sometimes, it’s a selfish decision that is difficult to pull off.


Source: Flickr

“He faked his own death” sounds like a phrase only conspiracy theorists use because it sounds so far-fetched. Who really has enough energy to change their name, leave their life behind, and start all over thousands of miles away? Well, Bennie Harden Wint does. When things got too hard for this man, he pretended to drown, leaving a fiancé and his four-year-old daughter alone. After spending decades in hiding, a simple traffic ticket revealed the truth.

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