The Most Impressive Prison Escapes of All Time

Prisons have one job: to keep the most dangerous criminals locked away. And for the most part, locked away means no escape, right? But we all know of (and are even fascinated with) those stories that seldom occur when prisoners manage to make their way out of those escape-proof walls. But, while they may succeed at fleeing a prison, that doesn’t mean they’re in the green. Most, if not all, are eventually found and dragged back in.


El Chapo Guzman being arrested in February 2014. Photo by Jair Cabrera / Nurphoto / Shutterstock

And you would think that those who were brought back in would be put in conditions that would make future prison breaks impossible, right? Well, not so much. There are prisoners on this list (including a 19-year-old) who broke out not once, not twice, but multiple times. These escapes, which are often intricately crafted, prove that certain inmates, whether guilty or innocent, will do anything to be free.

These are the most insane, and impressive, prison escapes of all time, in chronological order.

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