This is What Dreams Are Made of: The Most Common Dreams and Nightmares

Do you ever wonder what your dreams mean? Psychiatrists believe that they are your subconscious thoughts trying to tell you something. However, there are skeptics who think that dreams are just our imagination wandering off and that they don’t actually mean anything. Still, many believe that dreaming happens to be some of the most mysterious and interesting aspects of the human mind.


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I think dreams are so utterly intriguing because we as humans are naturally curious about our subconscious and what really goes on in our heads. For those of you who are dying for some explanation as to why you keep having the same exact dream or why you always find yourself naked in a crowd, now you can get some answers.

By the way, these aren’t my findings! I left it to the psychiatrists, dream interpreters, astrologists, and mythologists to do all the work. I’m just the messenger. So don’t shoot me!

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