Coming Home by Surprise: Emotional Military Homecomings

Whether it’s a young marine heading off overseas to start his basic training or a staff sergeant in the army for years on reserve, being separated from their families is no easy feat. These men sacrifice more than most people do just to serve their country. And sometimes that means missing out on life’s magical moments, like weddings, the birth of their sons and daughters, and more.

These are all truly heartwarming moments caught on camera of surprise homecomings. The reactions are real and full of emotion. From one young marine surprising his father at work to a mother announcing her homecoming on her son’s school PA system to a father surprising his deaf daughter in the middle of their Skype session – these are some of the most touching moments a family can have. The fact that they are all military homecomings is the thread that ties them all together.

Go on, grab the tissues. We’ll start the journey now.

This Dad Couldn’t Believe His Eyes One Day at Work

Soldier Joshua Jeffries was away from home for 6 months and as soon as he landed he wanted to take care of the most important thing. So he decided to surprise his father, the most important man in his life.


Source: Twitter

After following him to work, the young soldier surprises his father as he’s getting out of his truck. His father had to take a moment to understand what was happening. But once he did, their meeting was nothing short of emotional.

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