The Top 10 Highest Paid YouTube Stars in the World

YouTube has indeed revolutionized the digital and online video industry. It started from a mere video sharing service and now has become a platform for serious-money making industry.

Since YouTube’s launched in 2005, YouTube’s influence on pop culture can’t be put aside because it’s the platform that propelled the music careers of many well-known celebrities, such as Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber. Through the years, YouTube has also become a place for the next generation of internet celebrities and influencers. The platform has become the ultimate path for stardom globally for its ability to reach hundreds of millions of viewers and tens of millions of followers daily.

As YouTube celebrities become more well-known online, they have turned their vlogs and brands into multi-million dollar business. In fact, Forbes opened the public’s eyes on how much YouTubers earn when they release a list of wealthiest YouTubers in 2015. While the earnings of YouTubers fluctuate, it’s no secret that the YouTube’s most famous influencers are using new ways of earning money beyond sponsored videos and advertising, Some of these stars market their personal merchandise, some even capitalized their success through sold-out live tours, and other have snagged television shows and movies.

If you’re curious to know who tops the list of highest paid YouTubers today, continue reading this article. The list below starts from the controversial Logan Paul and ends with the innocent Ryan of Ryan’s ToysReview. The earnings mentioned in this article are pretax, meaning no fees for agents, lawyers and managers were deducted. This list is based on the Forbes top list of highest-paid YouTubers in the world from June 1, 2017, through June 1, 2018.

10. The Controversial Logan Paul ($14.5 million)

Have you heard or seen the Aokigahara suicide video that sparked worldwide controversy? If yes, then you probably know the 10th YouTube star in our list, Logan Paul. At 10, Paul started creating content videos at a YouTube Channel called Zoosh but he first gained popularity through the internet video sharing service Vine. When the platform shutdown, he moved to Facebook and YouTube.


Source: YouTube

Currently, he has more than 18 million subscribers at his vlog channel. While Logan Paul continues his million-dollar path through YouTube, his journey wasn’t always a smooth one. He faced controversies and lawsuits that threatened to put off his career. One of these controversies was the Aokigahara vlog uploaded on December 31, 2017. The video featured a recent apparent suicide hanging from a tree. Due to this scandal, he was kicked off YouTube’s Google preferred program. He apologized after three weeks through his vlog channel and had a one month long hiatus. Despite all of Logan Paul’s shortcomings, his earnings have increased based on Forbes reports. His net worth is approximately $14.5 million.

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