The Trials and Tribulations of Dog the Bounty Hunter

When reality TV star Duane “Dog” Chapman appeared on our screens, America was hooked. A&E’s ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ introduced us to a man with a unique appearance, his family team, and the over-the-top exciting busts that he does for a living. Dog was an immediate hit and people loved to tune in and see who Dog would catch next.

But there’s more to the package. The show might have taken Dog and his family to fame, but it also dug some of his darkest secrets, provoking a lot of family drama. Read on to see how Dog’s rebellious childhood led to his current place in life; his crazy captures, and even how his wife Beth stayed by him until cancer ended up taking her life.

That’s Dog to You, Sir


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Duane Lee Chapman never legally changed his name to Dog, but he made it clear that it’s the name he prefers. Why? Well, for one thing, it keeps his legal name out of the media and also keeps some scandalous stuff under wraps.

The name Duane Chapman is tied to divorces, arrests and convictions, and 12 kids (or 13, depending on who you ask) that he’s allegedly fathered. That said, you get why he prefers his nickname. Googling “dog” will turn up far more innocent results.

Duane has revealed recently that he’s been diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. The 66-year-old finds himself battling his own potentially fatal health problems… just three months after his wife, Beth, died of cancer.

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