They Think and Act as One: Extreme Sisters

If you have siblings, you know how strong the bond can be between a brother or sister. However, some siblings have bonds that are taken to an intense level. In 2021, Extreme Sisters premiered on TLC, featuring about five inseparable sets of sisters with bizarre and unconventional bonds that can be described as obsessive.

Brooke Johnston and Baylee Ring / Brittany and Briana / Extreme Sisters poster / Manning and Jessica Dunagan
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From eating the same food and sleeping in the same bed to sharing a boyfriend, these sets of sisters made people rethink how close sisters can really be. In fact, using the word “extreme” might be an understatement. While viewers get an inside look at their unique lives, there are things you don’t know about Extreme Sisters.

Filmed in Different Locations

While many reality shows have cast members who live in the same state or region, Extreme Sisters follows the lives of sisters who live all over the world. Most of the show’s stars live in different parts of the United States, but twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque live in Australia.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque talk on the couch.
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There is a crew that films in Australia and a crew that films in the United States. It makes Extreme Sisters’ production more expensive, but the DeCinque twins are well known for their extremely close bond because they became famous for their bizarre, shared relationship with the same man.

Not All Sisters Are Twins

If you haven’t seen Extreme Sisters, you might assume it is a show about twin sisters because twins are known for having extraordinarily close bonds. While there are several sets of twins on the show, not all of the cast members are twins. It makes the show more interesting.

Brooke Johnston and Baylee Ring talk at home.
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Having sisters that are close but not twins adds a unique viewpoint because it shows that twins aren’t the only ones that can have unusually close bonds. Brooke Johnston and Baylee Ring are the only sisters on the series who aren’t twins, but their relationship is just as strange as the others’ relationships.

Casting Was Difficult

When producers started the casting process, finding the right sisters to profile was difficult. Executive producer Joshua Ackerman talked about the complicated process of finding the right siblings for the show, saying the vetting procedure was intensive. They had to comb through thousands of profiles and news articles.

A poster for the show Etreme Sisters.
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Ackerman explained, “With a series like Extreme Sisters that explores such deep, lifelong relationships, it really comes down to what stories are the most captivating and have the most heart.” They chose women with genuine stories to tell. The producers wanted to document their individual, unique journeys without encouraging change.

They Get Paid

Like most people on reality TV, the stars of Extreme Sisters are paid in some capacity. The casting call mentioned that it was a paid opportunity and cast members would be paid per episode. It is unclear exactly how much the sisters were paid for appearing on the series.

Patrix and Patrica pose back to back on the couch.
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The women are probably paid different amounts based on what they were able to negotiate and how famous they were before the series. We are sure that anyone willing to share their personal lives with the world expects some compensation, especially on a network like TLC, where people watch to judge.

Social Media Stars

While casting sisters for the show, producers didn’t have to search hard to find Anna and Lucy DeCinque from Australia. The two were already well known on social media before they appeared on the series. They built a large online following because people are intrigued by their story.

A selfie of Anna and Lucy.
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Their Instagram page consists mainly of selfies, but their YouTube page has videos in which they talk about fashion, food, and beauty. Anna and Lucy are easily the most extreme siblings on the show because their goal is never to spend a second apart. They said, “We want to live like one person.”

They Are Never Apart

Anna and Lucy are more than inseparable. They once said, “We need everything to be identical: our clothes, our makeup. I need to follow her wherever she goes, so if she walks into the next room, I have to. We have to do the same steps.”

Anna and Lucy embrace for a photo.
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The DeCinque sisters claim they have only been apart for an hour since birth. They go to the bathroom together, and Anna says she sits in the bathroom while Lucy showers. Anyone who doesn’t accept their lifestyle can’t be in their lives.

They Share a Boyfriend

Not only do they do everything together, but the DeCinque sisters also share a boyfriend, Ben. Lucy, Anna, and Ben sleep in the same bed with Ben in the middle and a sister on each side. They said sharing a boyfriend makes their lives easier.

Anna and Lucy sit on the couch with their boyfriend.
Source: TLC

Lucy and Anna want to have children with Ben and get pregnant at the same time. They met Ben on Facebook and have been dating him for over ten years. Lucy and Anna would like to marry him, but it is not legal.

It’s Not Complicated

While it might seem complicated to share a boyfriend, Lucy and Anna said their relationship with Ben was great from the start. Anna said the first time they met him, they both kissed him. Luckily, there is no jealousy between them.

A selfie of Anna and Lucy with Ben.
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Ben treats the twins equally; if he kisses Lucy, he also kisses Anna. He knows that whatever he does with one twin, he has to do with the other. Ben understands their relationship and doesn’t judge them. Lucy and Anna tried to date different people, but they didn’t like being apart.

They Were Bullied

Even though they are twins, Anna and Lucy spent about $250,000 to have plastic surgery to look more alike. They admitted that they regret undergoing the procedures because it caused a lot of backlash on social media. People mocked them for their “spider-eyed, trout pouts.”

A selfie of Anna and Lucy.
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After being called “plastic Barbie dolls” and “fish lips,” Anna and Lucy reversed many procedures and vowed to stay away from changing their faces. Anna said, “No more facial injections for us; we will never use Botox. We’ve learned from our mistakes.”

They Are Engaged

Although they can’t legally get married, Ben proposed to Anna and Lucy with identical rings in June 2021. He handed each sister a box with a huge diamond ring. The proposal took place while the cameras were rolling for Extreme Sisters.

Ben is proposing to both Anna and Lucy in the park.
Source: TLC

During the episode, Anna and Lucy joined Ben for a romantic picnic in the park. He shocked them when he popped the question. They were ecstatic because they had been waiting for him to propose for a long time. They were even more excited because of the matching rings.

They Still Share a Bed

Brooke Johnston and Baylee Ring, nicknamed “the Candaces” because their actual names are Candace-Brooke and Candace-Baylee, are the only cast members who aren’t twins. While they are two years apart, Brooke and Baylee have been inseparable since childhood. They have even shared a bed since they were little.

Brooke Johnston and Baylee Ring cuddle in bed together.
Source: TLC

Even though they are adults and Brooke is married, the sisters sleep in the same bed. Unfortunately, Brooke’s husband, Denver, wasn’t happy about the arrangement. Brooke realized she needed to detach from Baylee, but it wasn’t easy, and Baylee didn’t try that hard.

They Realized It Wasn’t Normal

Brooke and Baylee didn’t realize their close relationship was strange until friends would come over to their house and say things like, “You are nuts!” or “You need a TV show.” That’s when they figured out that they had different versions of privacy than their friends.

Brooke Johnston and Baylee Ring share the same chair.
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The sisters shared a room, so it was bizarre to see that their friends had their own bedrooms and didn’t hang out with their siblings. Baylee and Brooke shared a room, bathroom, closet, and everything in between. They were very different than their friends.

Found Through YouTube

Producers found Brooke and Baylee through videos they posted online. One video called “a sister Q&A” stood out in particular. Brooke said, “We were just being dumb.” They Googled questions to ask each other and used the hashtag “extreme sisters” long before the show started.

Brooke Johnston and Baylee Ring take a photo while out for dinner.
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Although it was silly and embarrassing, the video was enough to capture the interest of the show’s producers. Their video helped them get cast on the show even though they hadn’t watched it since they posted it three years prior to the casting.

They Were on TV Before

Identical twins Brittany and Briana Dean were featured on a TLC special before appearing on Extreme Sisters. In 2018, TLC aired the special Our Twinsane Wedding, featuring Brittany and Briana’s double wedding to another set of identical twins, Josh and Jeremy Salyers.

Brittany and Briana Dean on their wedding day with their husbands.
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Brittany and Briana met Josh and Jeremy at a twin festival in Ohio, and it was love at first sight. The brothers have a relationship like theirs, so it was the perfect match. Brittany is married to Josh, and Briana is married to Jeremy.

They Have Separate Relationships

Although Brittany, Briana, Jeremy, and Josh live under one roof, they clarified that they aren’t in a polyamorous relationship. Brittany said, “I’m married to only Josh, and Briana is only married to Jeremy. So, it’s not that the four of us are married to each other.”

Brittany and Briana Dean, along with their husbands, pose on the front porch.
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Some things they keep separate, but they had never been on individual dates with their husbands. The two got pregnant at the same time and have a co-parenting approach. The twins are raising their kids communally and breastfed each other’s children.

Becoming More Independent

Briana and Brittany admitted that doubling up on parenting duties has been helpful, but it separates them. When Briana and Jeremy watch the kids or Brittany and Josh, it gives the other couple time to spend alone. They have learned to be more independent.

Brittany and Briana Dean pose with their families on the waterfront.
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Having two extra sets of hands gave Brittany and Josh the chance to go on a solo date for the first time. The solo date made Brittany feel insecure because she didn’t have her sister. She said, “I feel like Josh is so cool, and I’m a dork.”

She’s Very Protective

Since they were children, twins Patrix and Patrica have been especially close for a different reason than most siblings. Patrica was born with a birth defect, preventing the fingers on one hand from growing properly. Therefore, Patrix has been there to assist her with everyday tasks.

Patrix and Patrica show off their hands.
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Patrix was always protective of Patrica because kids bullied her about her hand. It made them inseparable throughout their lives. However, one thing complicates their relationship; Patrica is married, and Patrix is not. It’s been tough for Patrica to balance both relationships.

Her Husband Is Supportive

While most people might feel uncomfortable with Patrica and Patrix’s relationship, Patrica’s husband supported their bond. It’s not easy for Patrica to maintain relationships with her husband and sister, but she makes it work. But her husband tries to get more time with Patrica.

Patrix and Patrica talk on the couch.
Source: TLC

She said, “My husband is a great guy, so he never said too much to me. But he will hint, it’s time for your sister to do something else.” While Patrix has her own apartment, she doesn’t spend much time there because she is always at her sister’s house.

Their Video Got Them on the Show

Twins Christina Manning and Jessica Dunagan were personally scouted by a casting director for Extreme Sisters. The producers saw a video the sisters had posted five years earlier in which they were “Reiki charging” their food. They liked that Christina and Jessica were spiritual.

Manning and Jessica Dunagan talk on the couch.
Source: TLC

The two were perfect because of how close they were, and the producers thought they were unique. The casting director also had a connection to them because she went on Jessica’s website to give a psychic reading and contacted Jessica through the site.

The “Psychic Sisters”

Jessica and Christina are also known as the “Psychic Sisters.” They share an intense closeness and claim to be clairvoyant. They explained that their “psychic” powers were inherited from their mom, who was intuitive and focused on “learning how to absorb the energies from the universe.”

A selfie of Manning and Jessica Dunagan in the car.
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The two revealed that they can have conversations with each other without even talking. Christina clarified that they can feel each other’s “energy” and are “basically having an energetic conversation.” Unfortunately, not everyone is accepting of their connection and bond.

They Had a Chaotic Childhood

One of the biggest reasons why Christina and Jessica are so close is because of their chaotic upbringing. Their mother had an ever-changing lifestyle, moving the family often. The twins changed schools several times, and they had many stepfathers. There was no stability.

Manning and Jessica Dunagan pose back to back.
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Amid the chaos, Jessica and Christina found solace in each other. They relied on one another for love, support, and stability. There was so much going on around them; all they had was each other. Their bond grew stronger, convincing them that they were soulmates.

They Didn’t Want to Be Psychic

According to Jessica and Christina, being psychic has been their career since they were 18. Their mom was a psychic and had a shop where she sold tarot cards, candles, and incense. The twins worked there and didn’t want to go down the same path as their mom.

Manning and Jessica Dunagan on Extreme Sisters.
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However, Christina claimed the universe had other plans for their lives. The girls embraced their “abilities,” sharing their gifts with people who want to know about the future. Whether real or not, they have made a living off their psychic reading business.

They’ve Done Everything Together

Christina and Jessica are connected on other levels past their mental abilities. The two got married at the same time, were pregnant, and even divorced around the same period. However, the sisters were navigating through big changes in their relationship when the show started.

Manning and Jessica take a bath and go to the bathroom together.
Source: TLC

While Jessica is single, Christina has a new boyfriend. Fans watched as she began her new relationship, trying to have a healthy relationship with her boyfriend and sister. It has created a lot of challenges between the sisters because they are used to being inseparable.

It Broke Their Marriages

It must be hard to date or marry someone who wants their twin to be part of the relationship. Even though their husbands knew how close they were when they got married, Christina and Jessica’s closeness caused issues in their respective marriages.

A portrait of Manning and Jessica.
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Jessica’s ex-husband made a brief appearance on the show. He said, “Their relationship is far from normal. I was not married to just one; I was married to Jessica and Christina.” It led to both of them divorcing their husbands. Hopefully, their future partners can handle their inseparable bond.

A Dirty Secret

There are many things that viewers find quirky about the sisters on the show, but Jessica and Christina take home the trophy for their bizarre ritual. When one sister starts her time of the month, the other sister will smell blood to trigger pheromones in her brain.

Jessica and Christina take a selfie in the car.
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Christina and Jessica prefer to have their time of the month together. Many people find this gross, but the two don’t find it weird. They said it’s “backed by science” because they “share the same DNA,” so they share the same pheromones.

Her Boyfriend Didn’t Know

Christina’s boyfriend, John, had no idea that Christina and Jessica sniffed each other’s blood. In fact, there was a lot that John didn’t know about Christina, including her psychic abilities. It’s possible he didn’t know how close Jessica and Christina were in the first place.

John Zioty and Christina talk in interviews.
Source: YouTube

You would think that almost a year into a relationship, Christina’s boyfriend would know more about her life and the bond she has with her twin. Unfortunately, it looks like the two have split because she hasn’t posted a photo with him since last year.

They Relate to One Another

Some people don’t understand the bonds the sisters on Extreme Sisters share. But the show has given them a community of people to connect with. Jessica and Christina revealed, “They all seem normal to us. We get along well because, to us, we finally have people who relate to us.”

Jessica and Christina take a selfie in the car.
Source: Instagram/@christina.manning1983

Christina said it’s like a sisterhood among the cast. Each cast member finds the other sisters’ relationships relatable. Jessica also admired Anna and Lucy for being authentic even though other people think their closeness is over the top.

A New Experience

Even though their lives aren’t considered “normal,” it’s still unusual to be followed by cameras. Most of the cast members needed to adjust to being on a reality show. Brooke and Baylee said this new experience was awkward because they didn’t know what to expect.

A photo of Brooke and Baylee.
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Brooke said she felt overwhelmed and nervous on the first day of filming. Meanwhile, Jessica and Christina forgot the cameras were there and felt they were meant to be on TV. Christina said the show was a journey she could watch and learn from.

Spreading a Positive Message

Some viewers might watch Extreme Sisters for pure entertainment, but Brooke and Baylee hope fans will learn something from the series. The sisters said they want people to see that it’s OK to be authentic because it doesn’t matter what people say.

Brooke and Baylee talk on the couch.
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Brooke said, “I feel like we just have to be who we are.” The producers said the show celebrates sisters who express their individuality through their extreme closeness. If anything, viewers can see how much love some siblings share, even if it is not ordinary.

They Wear Matching Outfits

While Jessica and Christina and Brooke and Baylee have their individual fashion styles, Anna and Lucy, Brittany and Briana, and Patrica and Patrix like to wear matching outfits. Since Anna and Lucy want to live as one person, they always wear the same clothes.

Brittany and Briana wear matching pink dresses.
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Brittany and Briana always wear matching or similar outfits; sometimes, they don’t even plan it. Briana said she and her sister will wake up and have the same idea of what they are going to wear. They even got their twin husbands to start matching.

They Don’t Care

Many people have judged the women on Extreme Sisters, but the cast doesn’t care what people think about them. The sisters knew that putting their lives on TV would provoke criticism, so they were prepared for people to make mean comments.

Lucy and Anna talk to a doctor in a scene from the show.
Source: TLC

The sisters are happy with the way things are in their sisterly relationships. Anna and Lucy said they aren’t hurting anyone, so people shouldn’t care about their close bond. Even if you don’t agree with how much these sisters love each other, you have to admit that they are brave for putting their lives on TV.

Viewers Are Entertained

Although Extreme Sisters hasn’t announced a release date for Season 2, fans loved Season 1. It quickly gained a lot of attention from fans, who took to social media to share their opinions about the series. While some of the comments were nice; other comments were harsh.

Brittany and Briana talk about their struggles.
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Many people tuned it to see how ridiculous the sisters were. One viewer tweeted, “Anna and Lucy look and sound like robots with southern Australian accents. I can’t handle them.” Whether people are watching to judge or because they like the show, it helps the viewership numbers.

Another Season

Rumors have circulated that Extreme Sisters will return for a second season. TLC hasn’t announced an official release date, but if it’s anything like Joshua Ackerman and Bodega Pictures’ other show, sMothered, Extreme Sisters will most likely return for another season.

Baylee and Brooke talk to each other in an episode of Extreme Sister.
Source: TLC

Many of the cast’s stories were left open-ended, so Ackerman is hopeful the original cast will return for another season. He is also open to welcoming new sisters to share their stories, even though the casting process was difficult. Hopefully, there will be more information later this year.

No Social Media

If you like to follow your favorite shows on social media, you will be disappointed to find out that Extreme Sisters doesn’t have official accounts. Although the show doesn’t have a social media page, fans can follow the cast members’ lives on their Instagram pages.

Anna and Lucy go to lunch with their boyfriend.
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Each cast member has their own pages, where they post several updates about their lives and relationships. Anna and Lucy have the largest following of the group, with a whopping 114,000 followers on Instagram. Like everything else they do, the twins share an account.

Not the Only Show

If you enjoy watching shows about strange family dynamics, Extreme Sisters isn’t the only show on TLC that looks into the bizarre lives of unordinary families. While Extreme Sisters is the only show about the close bond between sisters, there are other series about strange relationships.

The cast of sMothered.
Source: TLC

Shows like sMothered and I Love a Mama’s Boy dive into the lives of people who have unusually close relationships with their parents. TLC has an endless number of shows that make you realize your life is more normal than you think.

Still No Baby

Although Anna and Lucy DeCinque want to have children at the same time, they have not gotten pregnant yet. They are determined to experience pregnancy together, but it might be hard to fulfill this goal. Only time will tell if they can get pregnant simultaneously.

Anna and Lucy pose with their partner.
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Being pregnant simultaneously is a nice sentiment, but Anna and Lucy once said they want to die together. That seems very morbid, considering one twin could have an accident or get sick and pass away before her sister. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen, but they shouldn’t have that goal.

She Almost Died

Lucy and Anna want to do everything together until they die, but their goal of growing old together and passing away simultaneously was almost ruined. On their YouTube channel, the twins explained that Lucy “died” for a minute during a cryotherapy treatment.

A photo of Anna and Lucy.
Source: Twitter

The twins had done cryotherapy before, but something felt wrong when they went for a second treatment. Anna said she remembered seeing Lucy on the floor, unconscious because she had been deprived of oxygen. It was a terrifying moment, but Lucy recovered.

They Went on Botched

Viewers of Extreme Sisters have seen Lucy and Anna on many shows, including E!’s Botched. They went to see Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif because their previous surgery made them look less identical. They wanted to have their breasts fixed to look more alike.

Anna and Lucy talk about their botched plastic surgery.
Source: YouTube

Lucy and Anna explained that they grew up flat-chested, and their surgeon didn’t give them identical breasts. The doctors thought their story was bizarre and wondered why the twins didn’t research their surgeon more before booking a surgery. They said they found him in the yellow pages.

Fans Want More

As we mentioned before, there is no official word about Season 2, but fans want to know more about these extreme sisters. Each relationship has its ups and downs, and viewers enjoyed the bizarre drama between each set of sisters.

atricia and Patrix talk on the couch.
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Hopefully, Season 2 will give fans a deeper view into the lives of the sisters introduced on Season 1. Many of their storylines were left open, so there is room to expand on another season. It would be nice to see them become more independent from their siblings.