This Woman Doesn’t Have to Walk 12 Miles Every Day Anymore Thanks to a Police Officer

Another day another dollar, right? Well, for this woman, another day was another 12 miles of walking to get that “dollar.” While many Americans get to work by car, bus, or train, this woman walked 6 miles to work and then the same 6 miles to get home. That’s 12 miles every. Single. Day. Walking 6 miles in the morning sounds tough, but at least you’re fresh after (helpfully) a good night’s sleep. But 6 miles after a long day at work? Mmmhmm.



For Jaylesya Corbett, one particular day in Nashville in August 2018 was like any other day. It was a regular working day in which she needed to get to work on time. But one person popped up out of nowhere and changed a normal day into one of the best days.

Looking for a feel-good story? A reminder that there are good people in this world? This is the one to read. It’s stories like these that restore our faith in humanity (at least for people like me, who tend to get distracted by all the negativity we see and hear every day).

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