America’s Favorite Twins Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, From Diapers To Fashion Moguls

Mary-Kate and Ashley are icons from the ’90s who need no introduction. Before they were even one-year-olds, their journey to stardom began. Mary-Kate and Ashley were so cool! They had the most stylish clothes, and catchy songs, including my personal favorite, Brother for Sale. The twins grew up right in front of our screens, but when they turned 18, they left it all behind to embark on different dreams in the fashion industry.


Photo by Dave Allocca, Starpix, Shutterstock / Globe Photos, Mediapunch, Shutterstock

Although they lived a life of fame and fortune, things weren’t always easy for the sisters. They dealt with their parent’s divorce, and Mary-Kate’s eating disorder became national news headlines. Many fans were disappointed when the twins didn’t show up for the Full House reboot (including me). However, they don’t remember a life without fame. They just wanted to take a step back and try to lead normal lives. But once you hear about their pill purse and strange behavior, I think it’s safe to say their lives are far from ordinary.

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