TV Dads That You Wished Married Your Mom – TV’s Funniest and Wisest Dads

Some of the best Dad characters were introduced to us not by the silver screen movies but by our very own television set. There are some popular TV series that have such well-written dad characters that they are instantly relatable to the viewer. Moreover, these characters have left a long-lasting impact on us through their stellar performance. Below are our picks for what we feel are TV’s funniest and wisest dads to ever grace our TV screen:

Phil Dunphy, Modern Family

Phil Dunphy is the dad to Hayley, Alex, and Luke on the popular Modern Family sitcom and is married to Claire Dunphy. Though a pretty average guy by all standards, Phil Dunphy stands apart in his role as a dad because of his adorable goofiness and the oblivious demeanor.



Acting as more of a friend than a dad to his kids, Phil Dunphy is a fan of the virtual reality game Battle Beasts of Gar and is a real-estate agent by profession. He is the very example of a ‘cool dad’ if ever there was one and he does proclaim himself to be so to his on-screen daughter Alex too.

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