Double Take! Actors With Their Stunt Doubles

Being a stuntman (or stuntwoman) is an unusual job. Think about it – they do all the dangerous or unappealing jobs that the main actor either doesn’t want to or isn’t allowed to do. Sometimes it even means risking their lives. And then they don’t even get credit for it, other than their name scrolling by quickly on your screen in the end credits.

But stuntmen and women surely feel like that work is rewarding. At the end of the day, the movie wouldn’t work without these brave individuals! So let’s show them some well-deserved respect and see a few stunt doubles along with the main actors.

The Triple Threat

Bruce Willis has made a name for himself as one of the best action movie stars and became a real action icon, especially with his ‘Die Hard’ movies. While most actors in regular action movies will have one stunt double, leave it to Willis to have two. Basically, the more action involved in the movie, the more stunt doubles you’re going to need. So if you’re wondering which action movies are going to have the most dangerous explosions and building jumps, you can judge by how many stunt doubles are involved.


Source: Yowbuzz

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