From Burgers to Red Carpets: Celebs Who Worked at McDonald’s

When we see beautiful and successful celebrities attending red carpets and looking flawless, it seems like they were born into a life of fame and fortune. However, most of the time, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Most of these famous faces had to work hard to make it in such a cut-throat industry. Most of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars had to face rejection and put on greasy aprons while they were trying to make their dreams come true.


Photo by Moviestore Collection, Shutterstock / Jordan Strauss, January Images, Shutterstock / Matt Baron, Shutterstock / Erik Pendzich, Shutterstock

It’s never easy to take your passion and build a career out of it. It’s always more stable and reliable to work a steady 9-5 job, but that’s not possible when you’re an aspiring actor or singer. You need to be ready at any moment for gigs and auditions, so an office job isn’t the most suitable option. Here are some of your favorite celebrities who spent time working at McDonald’s before making it in showbiz!

Check out these stars who were flipping burgers before gracing our screens.

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