Most Iconic Movie Lines Ever Uttered

The best movies manage to stick with us long after we’ve finished watching them. Different characters, scenes, songs, and even individual lines can live long in the memory, even becoming iconic parts of pop culture and being re-used and quoted by millions of fans. Some lines even end up becoming more famous than the films themselves, as well as becoming strongly associated with individual actors. Read on to learn all about five of the most iconic and memorable movie lines ever uttered.

“I’ll be back!” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

It’s almost impossible to think of Arnold Schwarzenegger without hearing the words “I’ll be back” in his distinctive voice echoing through your mind. This line was originally spoken in the first Terminator film, but Arnie would go on to re-use it in many others.



In fact, Schwarzenegger fans often enjoy watching his new films and just waiting for those three words to make their appearance, often cheering and applauding when the catchphrase finally came out. The line is repeated in some variant in all of the Terminator films and has also been said by Schwarzenegger in films like Commando and even Jingle All The Way.

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