A Waitress’s Life Changed When She Served Her Favorite Celebrity

Bethany Provencher is a waitress at IHOP. When she went to work on New Years Day, she probably thought it would be an ordinary waitressing shift. What she wasn’t expecting was for a famous person to walk through the door- let alone a special celebrity she was in love with. However, seeing the star walk-in was only the first step of an incredible story.


Source: Twitter / @nbcchicago

Everyone knows what it’s like to struggle and feel like the world keeps knocking you down. Many times life can be hard, but it’s important to remain optimistic because you never know what is around the corner. The world is full of generous souls who do what they can to bring a smile to people’s faces. Anyone who has worked as a waitress knows it’s not an easy job, but Bethany’s customer made it all worth it.

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