Father of Three Discovers He’s Been Living a Lie

When Richard Mason discovered that he had cystic fibrosis, he didn’t want to deal with this worrisome diagnosis on his own. Sadly, his entire world came crumbling down in just one day. Richard was 55 years old, and for two decades, he had three sons with his wife. Once he found out about his medical condition, he had an unsettling feeling. It wasn’t the diagnosis that scared him; there was something strange going on.


Source: Reddit / Pinterest

Richard had the overwhelming feeling that his wife had lied to him during the entire marriage. He quickly figured out what the lie was about. His diagnosis raised some huge questions, and eventually, revealed the truth. Although it’s better to have the truth out in the open, what Richard found out was devastating. This is Richard Mason’s story, a successful father living a lie, until one fateful doctor’s appointment.

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