Keep These Tacky Things Out Of The House: According To Joanna Gaines

This article was originally published on our sister site Living Magazine

If there is one person who can make any house feel like a home, it’s the beautiful and talented Joanna (Jo) Gaines. Joanna and her husband, Chip, have been starring in the reality show, Fixer Upper, for the last few years. The couple renovates houses together, and they come out stunning every time. This dynamic duo knows how to work their magic and combine their strengths. Chip does the building and construction work, while Joanna designs and decorates the homes.



Thanks to the reality show, Joanna (AKA the Farmhouse chick) was able to show off her talents and reach new levels of popularity. With her skills and a natural eye for décor, Joanna knows the dos and don’ts of interior design. The living room should be a relaxing space to play and enjoy family time. Luckily, Gaines shared some of her secrets with us.

These are some of the tackiest things that you should keep out of your living room.

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