This Pit Bull Has a Heart of Gold and Couldn’t Leave Her Furry Friend Behind

We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend. Dogs are arguably the best pet to have because of their loving nature and incredible loyalty to their owners. If you’ve spent time around dogs, you know they will do anything to protect their master. However, dogs can create a connection with other species other than humans. This incredible story illustrates two puppies who formed an unbreakable bond. We can all learn something from this heartwarming story.


Source: Facebook / Merrill & Taco

Compared to Pomeranians or Golden Retrievers, Pit bulls can be considered a scary dog. However, that can be disproven by these best friend pups. These two dogs have a special connection that is difficult to understand. Their bond helped shape their lives in unbelievable ways. Both doggies were in the same shelter, and when they looked home a home for this sweet tiny bulldog, she proved that she wasn’t about to abandon her little friend.

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