Identical Twins Want to Marry the Same Man So He Can Father Their Future Children

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, from Perth, Australia, are dubbed the “Most Identical Twins in the World.” well, it turns out that they do more than just dress alike, go to the same places, and have the same hairstyles. They actually have a more significant mutual interest: a man named Ben. The 34-year-old twins made a jaw-dropping announcement about a year ago about the future of their relationship with their longtime boyfriend, 34-year-old Ben. That’s right, “their.” Ben is the boyfriend of both Anna and Lucy.


Source: Instagram / @annalucydecinque

Their unusual story understandably gained widespread attention around the world. The twins, who tend to speak at the same time and finish each other’s sentences, explained how Ben lived with them and their mother of all people! Believe it or not, their mother is actually supportive of the relationships her daughters each have with Ben.

This is a detailed look into the life and relationship Anna and Lucy and their rather bizarre life choices.

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