Couple Goals! 40 Couples Who Recreated Their Old Photos

We’ve all seen those family photos recreated and boy, are they adorable. But have you seen couples who recreate their old photos? If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat! These couples, young and old, decided to commemorate their love for each other by taking an old photo of them together and recreating it by doing the exact same gestures – some even went to the exact same place!


Source: YouTube

In a time when nearly 50% of couples get divorced, I think a reminder is in order that true love does exist. It’s too easy to be reminded of how marriages fail. So let’s take a moment today to look at all the couples that are still in love after years of being together. Let them give us hope for our future love lives! When you look through these photos, you’ll see just how impressive it really is.

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