Join Me: 20 Interesting Facts about the Hit Show Unsolved Mysteries

Long before audiences started listening to the podcast Serial or binge-watching Making a Murderer, another true crime show ruled the airwaves. For 14 seasons, Unsolved Mysteries focused on all types of mysteries that have yet to be solved. Whether they were crimes, tragic separations, or paranormal occurrences, the victims’ families relied on audiences to help solve cases.


Photo by Mediapunch, Shutterstock / Pinterest

Despite the show’s cult following, the show was canceled multiple times before being taken off the air in 2010. But fans can rejoice now because, after ten years, Unsolved Mysteries is back with its 15th season. What makes the series so unique? Has it helped solve any crimes?

We’ve answered all your questions and more with our list of 20 fascinating facts about Unsolved Mysteries. Let’s check it out!

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