American Historic Places in Dire Need of Rescue

The United States is such a vast country with so many beautiful historical places to be visited, experienced, and enjoyed, but the sheer volume of these locations makes it difficult for them all to receive the care and attention they need. Back in 1987, the National Trust for Historic Preservation started to create lists of the Most Endangered Historic Places in the US to raise awareness and support for these sites. Over 300 locations have been added to these lists over the years, and around 95% of them have since been saved. The latest list features some extraordinary places, and here are five in real need of care:

The Bismarck-Mandan Rail Bridge in North Dakota

The beautiful Bismarck-Mandan Rail Bridge was built way back in 1883. It has so much history behind it, as well as holding the special distinction of being the first bridge for train use across the upper Missouri River, joining together the two cities of Bismarck and Mandan.



It was an essential bridge at the time of its construction, serving as a proud gateway to the west. Sadly, BNSF Railway had plans to tear it all down. The Coast Guard intervened to keep the bridge up for the time being, but plans are still in place to get rid of it once a new bridge is made.

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