An Unexplained Background Object Made One Photograph Go Viral

The internet has, in a sense, made the world a much smaller place than it was before, as it’s incredibly easy to share memories with people all over the world in the form of photographs and videos on social media. In some cases, these are shared by other people, who share it with other people, and it ends up being seen by thousands – sometimes even millions – of people globally. This is what the phrase ‘going viral’ refers to.


Source: Reddit

That’s exactly what happened when one woman posted photos of herself with her friend during their vacation in Canada. At first glance, the images seemed ordinary enough – just showing a couple of friends posing in front of a beautiful valley at the top of a scenic hiking trail. However, when she looked closer, the woman realized that something was hidden in the background – something that would capture the interest of social media users worldwide.

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